Thursday, July 12, 2012

Technique Thursday V. 2 Iphoneography Mini Tutorial

If you have an iphone and love taking photos, I'm pretty sure you love the handiness of the built in camera. I know I do. So much easier at times than lugging that DSLR everywhere. (Shhhh, don't tell her (my DSLR) that I uttered those words!) And if you love taking photos, that probably means you have a ton of apps, like the popular Instagram and Hipstamatic, that you utilize to pretty up your precious pics. Today, I want to share 2 other apps that I use all the time to get some really cool effects with my iphone photos.

The first is Camera + . You can find the app here at or download it from the App Store.

I use this app as my main camera, instead of the built in app that comes with the iphone. I like the zoom, focus, and exposure features and I love all the editing options. Visit the website to learn more.

So I took this photo during our first week of summer vacation. I don't love the photo because the people I care about are kind of far away in the picture (in the lake) and I didn't want the focus of the photo to be about the random people in the foreground. I wanted to remember this photo for its moodiness ... its summery feel, for the beginning of many weeks of sun, swimming and friends! So I made some quick edits in Camera +. I invite you to follow along with me today. Here's my recipe:

Step 1: Use Camera + to take a photo.

(boring Original photo of random people at the Lake.)

Step 2: Retrieve photo from your album/camera roll (wherever your pictures default to once you snap). Choose Edit. And apply the Clarity Filter. (Sometimes this filter is a bit too harsh, but here I knew I was going to be applying lots of effects/filters so I wasn't worried about it.)

(photo with Clarity Filter applied in Camera+)

Step 3: Choose Crop. Choose Square from the options. Position your square grid over the portion of the photo you want to keep. Anything outside the faint square grid will be cropped out or deleted. I choose to position my square grid more to the right of the photo to include that fun, summery beach umbrella!

(photo Cropped into a square and positioned as desired)
Step 4: Choose FX effects. Choose Color from the options. I used Magic Hour. You can adjust the intensity to your liking. I left mine at 100%.

(look at that nice, golden sunny hue that the Magic Hour filter provides!)

Step 5: Choose Borders. Choose Simple from the options. Select Round White by tapping it.

(the image is starting to look a little more interesting)

Step 6: We are finished with the Camera + editing, so select Done (top right) and Save the image.

 (Here's a detailed image of iphone screen with Camera+. You can see the Crop, FX Effects and Borders editing tools.)

Next, I used a handy little app called ScratchCam, which can be found at
 or in the App Store.

This app gives your photo a Vintage or grungy feel and is really fun to use. There is even a random feature which will let you randomly flick through different effects to alter your images in unexpected ways. Visit the website to learn more about this app.

Step 1: While in the Scratchcam app choose Album and locate your image that you just finished editing in Camera +. See photo above for where to find this option.

Step 2: Your image is loaded with a random effect applied. You can select RAND to keep scrolling through random effects. You can select FX to apply them yourself. Or ... to remove the effects, locate the slider on the top of your screen and slide it to the left to undo the effect or simply select Undo at the bottom of the screen. Since we are going for a specific look at the moment, go ahead and Undo whatever random effect was applied.

(this is not our image, but I wanted you see the iphone screenshot from Scratchcam, so you know where the options are)

Step 3: Select Edit. You will see a new screen pop up with the following options: Scratches, Textures/Borders, and Colors. I choose one from each category. If you do not Undo the effects, they will layer over each other ... creating a nice multi-layered effect. Unfortunately the app doesn't really indicate what the names of each scratch, texture or color are .... so it is very difficult for me to tell you exactly which ones I used. But play around with them until you get something similar to my final photo. I choose scratches without all the black edges and a lighter, brighter color effect. My texture gave the final image a nice vintage feel.

 (here you can see the screen shot of the Scratches, Textures/Borders, & Colors filters when you choose Edit. lots of grungy and vintage goodness to choose from!)

Step 4: When you have the look you are going for, Hit Edit to go back to the Main Screen. Hit Send to save the photo. You can also send it Facebook, Twitter or email to share your snazy new iphoneography image!

And here is my final image ... all grunged up with the Scratchcam and Camera+ apps! Have fun playing. Hope you enjoyed this little Iphoneography tutorial!  -xoxo Jenn

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