Saturday, December 19, 2009

Got Wool?

I have been tremendously busy keeping up with my website and Etsy shop this holiday season. It has been quite the hustle and bustle. Despite the recession, this was definitely my busiest month and and a half to date. Thank you to all my lovely, wonderful customers for your support!

The last few days have slown down and I've had a chance to work on designing new products and making more of my new super chunky Fulled Wool Brooches. They are made with wool remnants that have been felted (fulled) for a super fluffy and soft texture and each color is somewhat limited. So if you see something you like snatch it up! These are 5" wide and are very 3-dimensional pieces. They look amazing on a winter coat or scarf or jacket!

This one in black and putty wool is super sophisticated and literally will match with nearly anything in your wadrobe. It's like the staple "little black dress" of brooches, only super-sized! I sold a few already and have found a bit more of the putty wool, so I'll be making another one or two of these very soon.

This wool brooch is a classic in herringbone wool of red and cream, black and cream and then a deep black. I have one that I keep for myself in this color combination, as I wear these colors a lot in the winter. So as of right now, I just have one extra brooch available to list on Etsy because this wool in these colors is so limited in my stash. But I will be listing a few hair clips to it only requires tiny pieces to make the hair accessories.

This one in Charcoal Peacock is loaded with turquoise, teal and charcoal grey wool. Gorgeous colors to brighten up any winter day. I have a matching hair accessory for this piece as well.

These Wool Slip Covers - Flower Trail are my newest additions to my accessory line ... and I have been wearing one everyday since I created them. They are wool slip covers with a trail of flowers. The wool is felted (fulled) for that soft fluffy feeling and then a slip cover ( available in large size 2" or my new Xlarge size 2 1/4") is secured inside. I've gotten tons of compliments during the few days I've been wearing them! Fun, colorful and so different from any other hair clip out there!

Here's one more color option in the wool slipcover design:

I keep one of these for myself as well. Some of my favorite colors this season to wear with jeans, hence the splash of blue. Hope you enjoy them too! Happy to work with you on custom colors for the hair clips or brooches.


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