Monday, January 17, 2011

Break is Over, Resolutions in Check!

So far so good with my non-resolution "resolutions"!

Running is going great! In fact I've stuck with it so much so, that my husband actually says I'm inspiring him to run even on days he is not feeling it. And he IS a runner, big time. So I must be doing something right there. :) So check there!

Eating healthy and cooking fresh meals ... also is going well. I make my weekly list of meals and pretty much stick to it. If there is a really busy evening, we might grab some take-out, but that is more like once a week. Not too bad for a modern, busy family. Check there!

And taking photos daily for Project 365 is also working out well. I haven't 100% committed to exactly how I want to showcase the years photos. Still mulling that one over. I may use a recent template I created, but I may also really simplify it. Again Check!

Organizing my closets, drawers, etc is also coming along nicely. The garage and basement storage area always get a spring cleaning ... so that will be done when the weather warms up, but most of the house is done. Just need to do the master & bath ... and then my studio. But the studio is a project in itself! Check!

Sigh. I love January 2011! :)

On another note, My website and Etsy shop are up and running again. Use coupon code NewYear at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order.

And here are the latest layouts I've put together.

My Valentine
{Echo Park}
Be Mine Alpha Pack 2 - coming soon!
Be Mine Alpha Pack 3 - coming soon!
Be Mine Paper Pack

Be Mine Element Pack #1

Be Mine Element Pack #2

{Kitschy Digitals}

Granny's Sewing Basket - pin

{Creativity by Crystal}

Office Supplies Element Pack - staples

Lynn Grieveson

Worn Page Edges 2

Anna Aspnes

Stitched by Anna White No. 5

Love is in the Air
{liv.e designs}
I Heart Doodles 2

EZ-PZ Template 06 - Fotocentric No.1 - masks

Gentle Morn Paper Pack

Warm Wuv & Soft Hugs - The Kit Papers


Scribbled Alpha


{Creativity by Crystal}

Colorful Papers Pack

Crystal's {PLAYGROUND} Element Add-on Pack

Crystal's {PLAYGROUND} Element Pack

Au Natural Elements

{Echo Park}
Be Mine Alpha Pack 3 - coming soon!
Orchard Lane Paper Pack 2

Orchard Lane Elements Pack 2

{Splendid Fiins}

Flea Market Brads

{Creativity by Crystal}

Office Supplies Element Pack
That's it for now. -xo Jenn

Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Year ... New Resolutions?

Hey there! Happy New Year! I had a long and lovely break.

The beginning of the break was all about indulging ... gifts, cheer and good food. I hate winter oh so much, but the holidays help make it so much more enjoyable for a few weeks. Don't you think?

The end of my break (and looking forward) was about change. I'm not a big fan of the word "resolution". But having New Year Resolutions does make sense. It's a new year, a chance to start fresh ... the eating and over indulging is behind us, yet the long winter (if you are in the US and many other other parts of the world) is only just beginning. So why not take the new year as a time to make a resolution or two. I get it. It really does make sense. It's just that I hate the failing part. I never really see out my resolutions to completion. And that for me is a drag. I am really good at quitting things half-way through. Seriously I am. Whether it's a crafty new project, a class, a diet, or like last January, Project 365. (I only made it through one quarter of the year!) So I was hesitant to even go down that resolution path this year. But you know what? Even starting a project or learning a bit from a new class, or capturing 4 months of daily life for Project 365 is better than not doing those things at all? Right?

So I'm going to try P365 again ... this time not really worrying if I miss a few days here and there. If I photograph our life 5-6 days out of the week, that's better than one or two.

I started cooking a lot again. Towards the end of the year we really relied on take-out a few days a week. Not good! Not healthy! So I've started planning my weekly meals and shopping lists consistently now.

And I've started running again. Mind you I started running at least a half dozen times in the year 2010. It just never stuck. This year I hope it does! So far so good!

And this past week...I have organized the entire first floor of our home... no small feat! I did all the cabinets, drawers, and closets. Everything has been cleaned and reorganized., things not needed tossed. It has been a few years since I really tackled these areas and the clutter & chaos was taking over. It feels so amazing to have that done. This week it will be the upstairs floor. Wish me luck!

Here are a few recent layouts I'd like to share.

To get going and motivated to start Project 365, I created a template for myself with Carina Gardner's new collection: Design 365. This makes it so easy to change out the papers or colors, and to just plop in my new weekly photos and dates. The pages below show only one Color Kit...but she has 2 more releasing in January. Now, the layout for the Creative Team was due before the end of the first week of January, so these photos are from last January. But you get the idea.

{Click images for credits!}

And these next two layouts are from the Kitschy Digitals/Paislee Press Collab: Curated. Love, Love, Love this collection of quick pages. You can leave them as is, just add in your text & photos, or you can add to them as you like, since them come as PSD files. Just Perfect.

{Click images for credits!}

That's it for now. Hoping to get websites/Etsy up and running again tomorrow.
Hope you resolutions are coming along nicely!

-xo Jenn


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