Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another week of Sales!

So, the current Sale featuring the Tri Cluster Felt Flowers, nearly sold out within a day or two. Today, I made about a dozen more in luscious colors. I have some up in the shop right now, and will be adding the rest tonight and tomorrow.

I've decided to run the sale on the Tri Clusters for a few more days, since they sold out so quickly. And all Valentine's Day items are still on sale (I'm leaving them up through Feb 14th!).

Tomorrow will commence my new weekly sale: the wildly popular Zinnias!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

This week's Sale ...

This week's sale item is the Tri Cluster Felt Flowers. Normally $15, on sale until Jan 30th for $12. Most of these flowers are one of a kind, made from small bits of 100% wool felt, so if you see something you like, grab it before it is gone.


The Tri Clusters made from wool felt fabric are available in multiple quantities.

Pssst .... if you hurry, I still have not corrected the Valentine's Day Accessories items ... they are all still marked down from last week's sale. 

xoxo - jenn

Monday, January 21, 2013

Memory Keeping Monday

We enjoyed our Martin Luther Day holiday. The girl spent the day at the local Ice Arena for a birthday party and I brought the boy and a friend along to the public skate session that was running at the same time. Spent the evening getting organized for the school week and trying to get ahead on some projects that are due soon. Love feeling like I am ahead of the game, especially when it comes to the kids' school work.

Finally getting a moment to sit down with my computer and post this week's Memory Keeping Monday.

 This layout is made with American Crafts' Campy Trails kit. It is on sale this week and is available at AC Digitals. I love this kit. It is perfect soooo many layout ideas; including camping, hiking, fishing, outdoorsy trips, a day in the woods, a weekend at the cabin, a trip to the lake, etc. The list really does go on, and on!

American Crafts Campy Trails Collection

And check out this retro inspired Christmas kit, Holly Days by American Crafts. So much holiday goodness in this collection.

American Crafts: Holly Days
Crate Paper: Peppermint Paper Pack 2 (woodgrain paper)
In The Making Designs: Foto Template Pack

Thanks for looking!
xoxo - jenn

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Accessories on Sale ...

Hi ya! Popping in quickly to remind you that all Valentine's Day Accessories are on sale for one week (through Jan 23rd).

After that a new time from my shop will be on sale for the week. This will continue all of January and February. Stay updated by checking in here on my blog, or follow me on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!
-xoxo jenn

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last Day for Daisy Felt Flower Sale

Psst: stopping in to remind you that today is the last day to get the Daisy Felt Flowers for $8.

There's literally a rainbow of colors available to choose from in my shop.

Starting tomorrow, all Valentine's Day accessories will be on sale for one week!

Today, the kids are home enjoying a snow day and I am staying home for the day, as the weather is saying light freezing rain is coming down at the moment. After playing outside, shoveling our walkways, and coming in for some hot cocoa, we are hunkering down for the evening ... the kids are trying to get ahead on some school projects and I am busy making some new accessories that I'll be sharing soon.

have a good one!
xoxo -jenn

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fotologue

I think it's more than about time for another edition of Friday Fotologue. It has been far too long.

Friday Fotologue: a peek into my world as seen through my lens. Hope you enjoy.

(credits: Pink Paislee: Caught on Camera (tab, photo frames), Splendid Fiins: wishi washi- skies are grey, and Micheline martin: nature lover -camera) 

These photos are from November and December.

Homemade Chicken Pot Pies, mugs of hot cocoa with minty candy canes, pooches getting scrubbed clean, and the first snow flakes of the season beginning to fall.

A birthday dinner at the Melting Pot, furry buddies snuggling together, a glorious monday with no school but plenty of warmth and sunshine, and homemade mac n cheese. It's the perfect time of year for comfort food. 

Breakfast for dinner, Ginger's first Christmas with us ... love watching her taking it all in, crafting handmade gifts for family, and finally enough snow to go sledding. 

A December wedding ... complete with the cutest wedding guests ever assembled all in a row, cousins dancing, smiles everywhere, and even a father - daughter dance at the end of evening. 

And some Christmas snapshots ... making cookies, eating cookies, preparing a roast chicken, gifts, and warm toasty mugs.

have a great weekend.
-xoxo jenn  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Daisy Cuteness and a Sale!

I received a lovely surprise in my inbox yesterday afternoon. One of my Pretty in Posies' customers sent me the most adorable photo of her little one with the Daisy Felt Flower Clip in her hair, complete with curls!

Isn't that the cutest? This is the Strawberry Daisy and it looks like a really good match to her adorable outfit. Loving the striped tights!

One more shot of this adorable little girl. She knows how to accessorize too, check out her strand of beads around her neck! Love!

I'm gifting this sweet mama a 20% coupon off her next order for taking the time to share these photos with me. If you have any photos of your little one (or yourself) wearing Pretty in Posies' accessories and would like to share, I'll gift you a coupon as well.

I'm also putting all the regular sized Daisy Felt Flower Hair Clips on sale for one week. Normally $10 for a set of two, you can purchase as many sets as you'd like for $8.00.

Sale runs through Jan 16th. No coupon necessary ... the items are already marked down!


You can find them for $8.00 in my Felt Flower Hair Clip Sets section of my Etsy store.

have a pretty day!
-xoxo jenn

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

twenty thirteen ... Back to Basics?

So, yesterday I mentioned that I was working on my list of goals for 2013. The Mister and I actually sat down and talked about what we want for our family for this year for a few hours (that hasn't really happened on such a broad scale for quite a while ... we've been sort of on autopilot & tend to focus on bits and pieces as need be).  As we wrapped up our talk, I felt invigorated and excited, but a little nervous too. So much to take on. Can we really do it? All we can do is try, right? And with both of us investing our hearts into it, both of us truly on the same page ... well, that has to make it a little easier.

And then I also felt a little nostalgic.

I know life brings us along a twisty, winding little road of a journey with hills, steeps mountains,
valleys and canons, but when did life get so incredibly busy? I feel like I accomplish less, while my list of "needs to get done" grows more... while I am aggressively being sucked into social media or the lastest email, advertising some sale that cannot be missed.

I affectionately remember a time (about 7 years back), when the kids were in preschool, the weather was near perfect most days, as we lived in California, and things were ... well relaxed.

We did what we wanted, when we wanted. 

School was only a few hours a day, a few days out of the week. We had one of the top ten children’s museums in the country, a small local zoo and amusement park,  literally 5 different community parks to walk to, all within about five minutes form our home.


We could even walk into our sweet little town for a frozen yogurt, Starbucks, or margaritas in the evening. Our community centers (like 7 or 8 of them!) offered every class imaginable for kids and we signed up
for a few interesting afternoon courses each season.

The weekends were ours ... to hit Santa Cruz, visit Monterey Aquarium, hike the redwoods, drive along the coast, bike the day away at the most amazing rail trails, explore hidden unpopulated beaches, spend a day in wine country.

Gosh i miss it.

We were always doing something, going somewhere but it wasn't busy. It wasn't stressful. It was fun and relaxing.

We were explorers and we did it together.

We were so active, so fit, so healthy. sigh.

Snapping back to reality ...
I realize that with two middle schoolers ... in all day classes, with piles of homework with honors classes, foreign language and exploratory classes, after school sports, activities, violin practice, school dances, birthday parties and sleepovers ... that twisty, winding road is meant to be very different today due to the life stage that my children are presently in. (Plus the cold weather at least 5 months out of the year, doesn't help!)

But darn it, can’t I get a little of those sweet toddler & preschool years back... or at least a small, teensy taste of that lifestyle back?

I want the family connections, the getting up and moving more together ... a chance to explore again.  I want to enjoy, really enjoy, some small part of each and every day together. And truthfully, most week days feel like a giant, stressful race to the finish line ... to get everything done, be everywhere we need to be, complete with me nagging every step of the way to beat that dreaded clock.

Hurry up, let's go, 5 more minutes, faster. We're gonna be late.

Seriously ... I need to count how many times a day I say these words between the hours of 3pm and 10 pm. It's not pretty!

To answer my own question, "Can’t I get a little taste of that lifestyle back?":   YES!

But I have to make it happen.

With our crammed schedules, it isn't going to be easy, but I do believe it can be done, even Monday through Friday!

 I want that feeling of everyday simple, back to basics, pleasures out of our life ... every day, not just on the weekends. Because, honestly, two days out of seven simply is not enough!

And to finish off the list of goals and wants for 2013 (after talking with the Mister yesterday), I want to:

-Exercise regularly (and lose the 15 lbs or so I gained since moving to NY)

-Make healthy meals, stick to a weekly meal planner, and limit take out to 2x per month

-Waste less Food by buying less but shopping more often if need be

-Stick to a Budget and track spending

-Make time for more meaningful family moments (like baking/cooking together, exercising together, etc)

-Get the kids to unplug more (TV and video games)

-Seriously limit online social media time (such a big time waster, imagine if I could get back all those minutes wasted and put them to good use. don't get me wrong, i like social media, but it really must be limited. that is the key.)

-Tackle something on my Home Project List every week. (even the smallest simplest project counts)

-Spend less time on laptop and more time with a book

-Become as comfortable with Illustrator as I am with Photoshop

-Actually complete the two classes on Surface Pattern Design that I signed up for last year (there are enough hours in the day, I just choose to waste them in frivolous ways... see four lines up, ahem!)

-Design more! (a long time personal goal that i have been neglecting)

-Purge! (basement/closets/storage areas/kitchen and my studio!)

So my WORD(s) for 2013 is Back to Basics. I know it's supposed to be ONE LITTLE WORD, but it's my year and my goals and I can use THREE LITTLE WORDS if I choose.

It's about paying attention to the things that really matter. Simplifying. Finding little pleasures in a rushed and hurried life. Remembering a time when life was relaxed, carefree and striving to bring that back in small, meaningful ways. It's about family connections. It's about home cooking, moving our bodies, and spending time in more gratifying ways. It's about doing the work to reach my own personal goals. It's about leaving out the unnecessary, saying NO to the frivolous.

Back to Basics.

Yeah, I think I like the sound of that.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Memory Keeping Monday

So, this past week,  we had 3 work/school days after the looooong winter break ... and we made it through. I always find winter break to be the toughest in terms of getting back into the swing of reality. But it being a fresh new year, somehow, helps mentally. Whether or not you are the type to commit to resolutions or simply decide that you will put together a list of fresh new goals for yourself, it can be an exciting, promising and renewing time of year.

I have my set of goals (because I'm better at making lists than I am at keeping resolutions) brewing and am excited about the things I want to accomplish and the changes I know I need to make for 2013. Hoping to share them as the brew settles down to more of a simmer. Right now the goal brew is kind of boiling over.

Hoping you have things, changes, goals that you are excited to make happen in 2013 as well.

Being Monday, I do have a Digi Layout that I want to share with you today. This is Dear Lizzy's 5th & Frolic Collection available at AC Digitals. It is nothing short of adorable. And as always with the new releases, it is on sale this week.


American Crafts: Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic Collection
Katie Pertiet: Stitched Up Frames No.4
Lynn Grieveson: Hint At It No.5

That's it for now.
jenn xoxo


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