Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday Foto Frenzy summer photo share ... a day late

Since we were on vacation last week, and I took a break from blogging/crafting/etc, I am just going to do weeks 2 & 3 together. And yes, I know it's Saturday. Yesterday was a crazy busy day for us, non stop from morning until night. So I'm doing my Friday summer photo share today.  It's summer - what else can I say. ;)

Anyway, here's what we've been up to:

 The boy finished his week of Tech Camp. He loved it, which is really good considering how much this camp costs for one week. He tells us he wants to go back again next summer. Awesome when we can find him things that he is really interested in.

Scary to think that he will be going off to a college campus For Reals in just 5 short years. Sigh.

Then we headed down to NJ shore to connect with family. We took the cousin to an Insect Museum where he could touch all kinds of insect-ish critters, like this giant millipede. There was also a tarantula and a giant hissing cockroach to touch. He loved it.

 Oooh, there was a scorpion that glowed a blue tint under black lights. Very cool. The kids were able to touch this fellow too.

Cousins at the Insect Museum. This place was well done and very educational. We give it 2 thumbs up!

One more group shot. Sweet.

Then we headed on over to the zoo for some outdoor fun and a wider selection of animals. That's my mom holding up the little guy to get him a better view.

 And once he got a taste of sitting up high, of course he wanted to be picked up again & again. Here's the boy holding his little cousin. Love.

 The girl getting a kick out of feeding the animals.

 This little goat was the boss of little cousin's popcorn. He kept feeding the goat and wouldn't stop. Why? Because he said "the goat was still hungry". He thought it was his job to feed the goat until he was full. Luckily the goat made away with someone else's entire box of popcorn (box and all!).

 Once done with the demanding goat, we were able to move on through the zoo. There were lots of fun animals to see. How adorable are this pair?

A magestic lion. He lifted his head for about 15 seconds to check out his surroundings. Then he laid back down for his nap. We were in the right place and the right time.

Lots of smiles = a fun day was had by all!

It was a hot day, so after the zoo we retreated to the pool. And we rescued this poor little chipmunk. Not sure how long the little guy was swimming, but he was saturated and panic stricken.

We just bought the girl some fancy new googles, because she didn't like the cheap-o pair I picked up earlier in the season. She's resumed her alter ego as a mermaid with those googles. I don't know a kid who can swim under water as much as she.

These two spent time in the pool just being boys. This shot is simply hilarious!

 A little time to catch up on reading. Hunger Games ... good stuff.

And of course there was lots of time for the beach! On this particular day, the ocean was so warm and so calm. It was great for swimming laps and wading in really far. Perfect kind of ocean for the little cousin.

 There is always a beach fort. Always.

Lifeguards getting their early morning workout.

And cousin was in love with digging for sand crabs. He found one big one that they named Chunky.

Another day at the beach. Beautiful day, but so crowded!

They enjoyed time at an indoor amusement park to beat the heat.

 Where they zipped around on the speedway in race cars.

And whirled around on rides. 

 Adorable baby robbins. We watched them grow from this ....

 ... to this, in just about 9 days! And we watched them fly from the nest too!

The boy set off for a week of sleep away camp. First time ever. I was nervous, but he did great and had an amazing time.

More camp photos next week ... and the girl did an art camp but those photos are still on my camera from yesterday's Parent Day. I'll get them up next Friday.
Hope you are having a great summer! -xoxo jenn

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