Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Foto Frenzy summer photo share ... week 4

Wow, 4th week of our summer already! It is flying by! This week we were really busy with camps and late evening activities appointments. A total of 3 one-hour round trips per day to drop off/pick -up the kids at camps. Lots of driving back and forth. Not lots of time to get much done during the day. The heat wave continued ... big time. Felt bad for the girl, who was at an all day soccer camp this week. The boy had a web design class indoors, so not a big deal for him. We did get a nice storm towards the middle of the week. It helped the much needed dried out vegetation enjoy a cool drink for awhile. And today it is raining again. I welcome it. Anyway here's what we were up to:

 First ... sleep away scout camp for the boy. These were from last week, but I'm just getting them posted. All photos are not taken by me, just edited by me a bit with Camera + on the iphone. This photo is some kind of Survival Technique for Shelter.
 Swimming at the camp's beautiful lake. Looks like lots of fun!

 A class in learning all about compasses.

Water sports! (I think he had a good time!:)
 Spending lots of time outdoors. On this evening we packed dinner and headed out to the trail for a 17 mile bike ride.
 Picking up the girl from soccer camp. It was hot and she had soccer practice that evening. So I brought her some ice cold watermelon to snack on before her next round of soccer.
Heat wave continues!
 Sleepover after art camp. For some reason the girls always end up wondering into my Studio. They found a tray of hair pretties and had fun organizing them & looking at them all. I let them each pick 5 hair clips to take home. They decided they wanted me to have Hair Clip Camp for them so they could make Pretty in Posies hair accessories. So cute.
 Actual races in the water. So weird.
 Swim races. The boy has a new found love for water and swimming this year.
Swims at sunset.
 It was so hot, even the dogs didn't want to be outside for long. They kept busy indoors, wrestling for stuffed toys.
A much needed mid-week storm.
 Print Making Class at last week's art camp.
Drama/performance at the art camp. The girl's in the back. :)

that's it for now. happy weekend! - xoxo jenn

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