Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Foto Frenzy summer photo share ... week 5

hello. it's the last week of camps for the kids and i am grateful that they had some wonderful experiences, but i honestly am really, i mean REALLY, looking forward to the summer pace slowing waaaayyyyyy down. no more alarm clocks and rushing out the door in the am. no more lengthy drives shuffling kids back and forth to camps. just us, relaxing, chilling, just being a family ... yeah, that sounds so good right now!

anyway ... here's what we've been up to this week:

picking up the girl at basketball camp. gum? seriously???

from basketball camp to athletic training ... and she's still smiling. you go girl!

time for puppy love and relaxing a bit before dinner.

he's not loving this, is he?

still at the mermaid thing ...


fresh cooked pasta side dishes ... still steaming.

shopping for more grasses for around the pool.

and more time in the pool. he's into diving.

and she just likes jumping.

friends playing with the pup in the pool.

the pup is now 8 months old. cutie!

we went to watch the girl's soccer coach's U23 team play but got caught in a severe storm/ tornado warning. not a fun drive home.

after dodging downed trees and barely being able to see out my window ... we came home to this.

 and this....

but eventually things calmed and we were greeted with this...

and this. sigh. the magic of summer.

have a great weekend. xoxo - jenn

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