Thursday, August 26, 2010

Carefree Lazy Days ... and the photos to prove it! Vol. 7

Around here I am not even allowed to use the "s" word ("school", shhh - do not repeat that out loud!). It's about 2 weeks or so away and the kids want no part of it. Me, I'm ready for it again. It's tough to keep kids busy for weeks and weeks on end. I've noticed that my library of summer photos seems to be slimming down as well. I guess I'm not taking as many photos as I did at the beginning of the summer vacation or maybe this was just an extra lazy week.

Just some visitors to our yard this week...

The kids' least favorite summer activity.
Our favorite afternoon game this summer ... fun to play while eating lunch.
Potatoes from my Dad's garden. These fresh picked babies made the best potato salad ever!

And didn't we just give this dirty little dog a bath?
The kids took him for a walk and he came back with little sugar ants all over him. Gross!

More lazy poolside days.

And when there's outside time, there's always more bugs. This one was a gross slimy caterpillar. Even he didn't want to pick it up with his hands.

And Coldstone Creamery. The best ice cream chain ever.

That's it for this lazy week.

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