Saturday, August 21, 2010

Latest Digital Layouts

{katie pertiet}
Love You Layered Template
Sacked Solids Neutral
Scatterings No. 4
Quote Challenge 101809 - heart charm
Posted Valentines
Word Labels Love
Wax Seals Alpha

{lynn grieveson}
worn page edges no2

font: Pea Jay

Just wanted to share my latest pages. This one, above, is from a photo I found and scanned in. My little girl is just a few months old. She looks vintage-like, as if from years past. :)

Katie Pertiet
Sandman Layered Template

Jesse Edwards
Beachyness Supplement Papers
Lost at Sea Solids

One from a recent trip to the beach.

{studio DD}
layer works template no.1

{katie pertiet}
fine lines border no 4
love you layered template - butterfly
button mix no 1
roughed up notebook paper no.1
le cirque solids
word labels love

{lynn grieveson}
summer bright paper pack

font: 1942 report

This page is about my daughter's love to create & our time spent together one week while my son was in hockey camp.

{katie pertiet}
le cirque solids
stamped n framed template - mask, journal strips, staples
email insp. 3710 - blue paper
memorable spots months
editorial 112209 - mask
email insp. 70410
candid elements - brad

{lynn grieveson}
twill strips

{anna aspnes}
stitched white no 4

Cousins snuggled up together. They tired themselves right out.

{Katie Pertiet}
Little One LT
Loved One LT (butterfly)

{Lynn Grieveson}
Alicia Paperpack
Milly Molly Kit - white background paper

Font: luna

Just a moment from this past winter. Love those dimples!

Have a good weekend! -xo

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