Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carefree Lazy Days ... and the photos to prove it! Vol. 6

Thursday again. Yup, I was right. The closer we get to September, the faster the summer weeks are flying by. The photos pictured here included mama - daughter bonding time, as the boy was in hockey camp for a few days, and lots more beach photos ... but not your typical beach photos.

Well, ok. These are typical beach photos.
Wet and full of sand, as it should be.

But these photos below are not so typical!

We took part in a "Skeining the Bay" session this afternoon. And here we are learning a little bit about just exactly what that entails and why it is important to the coastal preserve.

The trail we took to get to the bay side of the island was beautiful.

And this is a great photo showing what it means to skein the bay.
It's basically a net held by two people at opposite ends.
You walk way out into the bay and then open the net to stretch it out.
As you walk back to the shoreline, you catch all sorts of ocean life in the net.

The kids were allowed to reach in and touch everything.
But watch out for those crabs! One person got pinched.

So many cool things were caught and examined. Even a little eel.
Some of the cooler specimens were brought back to the environmental center so others could see them.

My crew, investigating on their own.
Such a fun experience.
Glad we went. :)

The girl making a travel acitivity book filled with bingo, 50 states license plate game and other car-ride boredom busters for our OBX vacation.
Spending the afternoon learning to sew felt hair accessories.
She is always so interested in what I do, so today I spent some time teaching her how to make her own.

In this house, we love summer because we get to use lots and lots of fresh peaches in our summer fruit smoothies. Can't get enough!

That's it for now.

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