Friday, August 6, 2010

Carefree Lazy Days ... and the Photo to Prove it! Vol.4

Oops, I missed posting Carefree Lazy Days of Summer yesterday... so let me just get on with it.

The week pictured here was very low-key, lazy and carefree. We spent one, not so sunny day, on all things crafty ... the highlight was finally getting around to using these cool Soap Making Lab Kits that we purchased on our Spring Break vacation to Mystic CT.

E's was a glittery, scented, pretty soap making kit. And K's was a practical joke soap kit ... with brains and eyeballs and all things gross.

The kids had fun running through the trails behind out house (way cool trials that Dad made for them ... that wind all through the woods and lead to secret hide-outs) and catching butterflies and moths. They caught about five that afternoon! Of course we let them go a few hours later.
We had lots of dinners outdoors and played games with Dad.

We chased down the Ice Cream Truck for Icees.

And of course spent time in the pool.

I taught E about Raft Races. Now everyone that swims is subject to at least one race with her.
Relaxing, lazy and carefree!

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