Monday, February 15, 2010

P365 A little behind

I've been keeping up, for the most part, with Project 365. (See my original post here.) By keeping up, I mean taking my daily photos. But what I have not been keeping up with is getting those photos into my digital collages. Trying to do that this week while hanging out on the couch at the end of the days.

Here is Week 2:

And I realize (after not doing this for Week 1) that I should repost the text so that it's readable. So here you go ...

Day 8 Emma creates a beautiful picture with pastels.
Day 9 Eating ribs at the newly opened TGIF.
Day 10 Keegan doing his daily reading (Harry Potter) for school.
Day 11 Keegans painting with his new oil paints.
Day 12 JackJack snuggling on the couch.
Day 13 Mark & I went for a walk on the rail trail.
Day 14 My messy studio needs a reorg!

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