Tuesday, February 23, 2010

P365 and saying GoodBye

Week 5 was a tough week. We had news that we lost our Grandma Betty. I didn't take any photos that week except the photo of the lovely white flowers from the service. Even though I hadn't taken any photos all week long, I simply couldn't pretend this week never happened. So I went back in time and pulled some favorite photos of GB from years past.

Text reads:
Day 29 Today we lost our Grandma Betty
Day 30 I didn’t take any photos this week, decided to highlight favorite memories with our GB
Day 31 Emma’s 2nd Birthday
Day 32 GB with Pops at a park in San Jose
Day 33 GB watching her grandkids at play
Day 34 GB writing her postcards to send to family and friends, she still believed in snail mail
Day 35 White flowers from the service... pure like our Grandma Betty

You are Missed!

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