Friday, February 12, 2010

Mission Accomplished ...Almost

I nearly completed my major task of cleaning and reorganizing my studio space. Here is what it looks like from just outside the room.

Below is the right hand side of the room. I have two sitting chairs tucked under the windows.

I call this the Storage Tower ... love having ample room to hide things behind doors so the space doesn't look overly cluttered. I took the storage blocks right up as high as I safely could.

Here is a close-up of the Storage Tower. All this white space gives my eyes a place to rest in my otherwise visually stimulated space. Keeps my eyes happy. :)

Moving along the far wall to the desk ... this section of my work surface area is where most of my creating takes place. I have almost everything I need within arms reach.

The corner section of the work surface area is where my laptop resides. I have my printer and shipping supplies within reach ... so this is the perfect spot to prepare my accessories for their journey off to their new homes. I love sitting in this corner under the large window.

Moving along the left wall ... you can see my printer, sewing machine and the edge of one of the two ribbon racks my Dad made for me several years ago. Under the table are two containers chock full of felt ... however the felt needs to be better organized and I just didn't have time to get it done. I also desperately need to redo the spools of ribbon on the two ribbon racks. I'll have to save those two projects for another day.

Here is another storage tower. This one is from IKEA. You can see a big pile of lovely reclaimed wool awaiting a new life in the basket on top of the storage shelves. The vintage basket on the floor is stuffed and overflowing with wool roving in every color of the rainbow.

My island in the middle of the room is directly under the chandelier and provides yet another work surface and storage area.

My studio is actually the formal living room of my home. I choose this space because even though we have a finished basement, I am in my studio so much that I really needed and wanted my space to be in the heart of my home surrounded by my family rather than down in the basement where I'd feel disconnected from everyone. Since there are no doors I decided to add some curtains (also from IKEA) to frame out the entrance to the space and set it aside from the rest of the home a bit. And when things are really messy in there, I can close the curtains down. A big plus!

That's it for now. I'll have to go back and take some more shots of some close-ups areas. Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my creative space.


Anonymous said...

Your studio is just gorgeous! Where did you get the island? So practical for sewing and crafts!

Jenn/PrettyinPosies said...

thank you maisey. the island was purchased years ago while living in California. i found it at Cost Plus World Market. sadly there are none here in the NY area. :( -jenn


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