Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Valentines

I think this might be the last year for my daughter to bring in Valentines for her class. Sad!

This year we decided to print out some cards that I found online as a freebie. There was a cute pink and brown set with little birdies and cupcakes for girls & a pirate theme in black and red for the boys. This worked out perfect because I purchased Hershey Kisses and Hugs for the treat. The Kisses and Hugs came in pinks and reds ... so we filled each boy classmate's Valentine Goodie Bag with red ones and each girl classmate's Valentine Goodie Bag with pink ones. How sweetly they matched. We simply cut the square Valentines out after printing out the sheets. We also cut out white squares from cardstock as the backing. We filled little clear bags with a few chocolates, lined up the printed Valentine square on the front of the bag, lined up the white cardstock square on the back of the bag ... allowing the top of the clear bag to be "sandwiched" in between the two paper layers and stapled! That's it.

How cute are these? Handmade ... no store bought Valentine's here! Here's the link for the Valentine Freebies in case you haven't gotten around to making your own Valentines yet.

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