Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty in Posies' Summer Sale continues, making Cherry Limeade

My Summer Sale is still going on! 30% off everything and anything in the shop! Just use coupon code Summer at checkout. Above is a new Mini Tri Cluster Felt Flower Hair Clip in Pretty Pastels. Or, if you prefer, have it made on a hair pin, like below. Don't you just love choices? Just about everything I make can be made with an alternate backing ... simply let me know what you need!

We've been back in the kitchen this week. This time we tried a simple fizzy beverage recipe found at She Wears Many Hats. I think I fell in love with her photography. Stunning!

The recipe looked like an easy one to do with the kids, and the best part, it was pretty much instant gratification. Kids like that. Me, oh, I can handle the wait. It's just the kids that have a hard time with that stuff.
oh ok, I admit it.
I liked not having to wait too!

Some of the ingredients you will need. You can find the recipe here: Cherry Limeade.

E making the syrup!

K squeezing the limes.

Now they are both squeezing the limes.
A great stress reducing exercise, who knew?

I think the stress is gone, they look a bit more relaxed.

The syrup cooled, and we're adding all the ingredients into the pitcher.

And lastly, we add the magic fizz, club soda.

Garnish with a lime wedge!

And mmm.

mmmm. Good.

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