Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Days ... Beach Forts

Have I mentioned how much I love summer?

Beautiful days spent on the beach ... we love to get there early, before it gets too crowded, so we can stake out our location.

K is quite the champion of sand digging / fort making and always attracts a crowd of kids and adults. It doesn't take long for a little girl next to us to wonder over and offer her "help". ;) K always generously agrees to give up a small bit of control over his masterpiece creation by letting others join in to "help".

But before long, the control is all his again, because everyone, including his sis, head for the waves as the work gets intense. This kid does not mess around. When the shovel hits the sand, he means business.

Of course ... there are breaks for some fun in the water even for the great masters.

And time for lunch ... (but look at his face, I think his artistic gears are still turning and he's plotting his next moves with that shovel).

And sis goes for the fresh pineapple under the shade of the beach umbrella, since she scarfed down her sandwich at 11am.

Back to work on the beach fort.

I think he's happy with the depth, now to expand it outward.

And word is out ... every boy on the beach that day wanted to know who built that giant beach fort. You were a celebrity today! A pack of random boys begged you to teach them how to build one.

Shovels, sand and new friends. Life is good.

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