Sunday, July 31, 2011

If you can't beat the heat ... stay in the water!

What a hot July it's been. Two weeks ago E had a week of all day soccer camp during the hottest week of the summer so far. Usually we see temps in the 100s in August, but this year that heat seems to have found us early. She handled it like a champ though ... and even managed to win a prize for speed dribbling during competitions. As soon as camp ended, we headed back down to the Jersey shore to meet up with family for a fun weekend. The heat hung around, so we hung in the pool.

I got to see my 3 yr old nephew swim his little heart out.

Last time he came to visit my house on Memorial Day weekend, he was still jumping in the pool with swimmies on. Now look at him.

He jumps in and swims without them. Just like the big kids. :)

Here he is with my sis-in-law (his mama). :)

It is super cute watching him try to keep his little head above water.

He is so proud of himself. It is just stinkin' A-dorable.

Uncle and K got fiesty in the pool.

K is about to be launched into the air.

In mid flight. (Fun, I remember my Dad doing this to me when I was his age. Sigh.)

And Nan and nephew share some moments in the pool.

Once Monday rolled around, and the weekenders head back home, that's when we like to hit the beach. (What can I say, I grew up near the beach and got spoiled when I learned that the weekdays on the sand and surf were slightly quieter.)

Another beach fort ... this time much closer to the surf ... so when high tide rolled in, they had a mini sand pool.

And of course ... they met more new friends to hang with for the day.

Tuesday we hit the bay side and rented some kayaks.

Wish I had some more photos. Photos of us actually in the kayaks. But I didn't have anything waterproof to store my iPhone in, so I left it in the car to be safe. So this is all I got.

Then we hit the boardwalk to get a slice of pizza and some ice cream. E wanted to ride the swings. Here she is with the Dad.

But it was way too hot on the boardwalk to stay for long. Besides there was no water! ;)

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