Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tidbits ...

I'm all over the place today ... busy, busy, busy. I just have a few little things to share.

Trying to get some decent photos of some spring projects for a coop ad in Somerset Life mag. It's so darn cloudy today. Usually a cloudy day is perfect for photos ... but today is super gloomy and nothing seems to look good regardless of how much I try to tweek things in my photo editing software. Enough of the camera for today. I'll have try again tomorrow.

E came home with the sweetest tiniest little love note. She wrote it in school on the corner of a piece of paper. It has a heart with a drawing of she & I inside it. It says I Love You Mom & Miss You. Be still my heart ... I always ask the kids if they missed me when they come home from school and I usually get the mumbly little answers of "yeah". But her little note proves she does....I feel like I'll never have to ask her again. (But of course I will). The little man on the other hand .... I can only imagine what goes on in his little mind all day. I think it's best those thoughts of his, stay right there in his little head.

AND most importantly.... there's just a bit over 2 days left in the 2nd round of voting at Change.org. Save Handmade is down to 5th place ... keep it moving back up on these last few days of voting. It just takes a second to register your name. Please help make a CHANGE.

Again, this is the 2ND Round of Voting. If you voted previously, please vote again:

Thank You!

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