Monday, August 26, 2013

Memory Keeping Monday ... a little late!

Happy Monday evening! Today I spent the day with the kids getting organized for school. School ... not a word they are happy to hear. While so many of you are already sharing "first day of school pictures" on social media, we are still enjoying 2 more weeks of summer vacation & freedom from the back to school routine.

But today it was time to do a little preparation for the big day in September. It will be here before we know it, like it or not!

We have an old armoire that we use as command central for school supplies and project related storage. It had not been cleaned or organized in at least 9 months! So we tackled it today and found more pencils and loose leaf paper than Staples. OK, maybe not that much paper, but still, there was so much, I had to devote a whole shelf just to loose leaf.

This made it easy to see what was needed and what was not. Then we set out to buy the remainder of the items on the school supply list. I'm happy to report, one store ... and we are done. Except for the 18 boxes of tissues that my two kids need to bring in. No comment. 

After our school supply shopping & organizing of the armoire, I treated to the kids to ice cream cones  ... all was good, and the big bad word ... school ... was soon forgotten again. Happy to report, we are back in summer vacation mode for two more weeks.

Speaking of summer vacation ... check out this Digital Project Life layout from our island vacation last week:

Becky Higgins Digital Project Life
Lined Cards (will be available in the store as a freebie!)
Man, I miss that island already! And I have this layout of my Dad enjoying one of his favorite things to do on the island, fishing! This is using a freebie template created by KerriAnne Phelps, a CT with Designs by Dani. You can grab the template here!

available at
Designs by Dani

Thanks for looking!

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