Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Foto Frenzy ... summer photo share

This was our first full week of summer vacation and we have been busy ... yet at a much more relaxed pace than that of the school year. The boy has been going to camp all week, so the girl and I are spending a ton of quality time together. Here's just a small peek into our Summer: Week 1.

 Shopping and stopping at B&N Starbucks Cafe for a frap. (Not a proud parenting moment. I don't ever let her drink coffee drinks. Just this one time. It was a Mommy - Daughter moment. :) She seriously thinks she's the Queen of Everything at this moment!)
 Shopping for crafty goodies at Hobby Lobby. Who can resist these cute little hedgehogs?
 Working on an embroidery sampler together. Amy Power's Happy Go Lucky Stitch a Long class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It was on sale for $10, how can you go wrong? (Seriously cute project! We are doing it together.)
  The girl is always saving bugs. All beetles, bees and bugs in the pool are rescued. And if she is home, I give her the option to come save the bug invader before it gets squashed. Here is one of her rescues.

We are enjoying late night swims on the hot summer nights. 
 And taking care of the pets is part of every morning's routine. So nice to have more time for this, and not feel so rushed.
This is the lovely bearded dragon cage. The boy is not so crazy about the cleaning the cage part.

More time for soccer practice in the evenings (after real soccer practice. :)

Feeling inspired by her new travel team to get out and work those foot skills!

Still at it. 

Loving time for dining al fresco.

An afternoon spent at the lake with friends.

The moon ... random, I know. 

The new pup sure is settling in nicely, don't ya think?

Nights spent reading after busy days =

2 really tired kids. 

And a sleepy pup too.

Today we get to go in and see what the boy has been doing in Tech Camp all week. I'm sure I'll have some photos to add in from that event. 


I LOVE summer. 

-xoxo jenn

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