Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Days on the Rail Trail

Not sure how many of you stopped by and caught my weekly Lazy Days of Summer posts last year. Once a week, I highlighted our summer adventures ... whether it was exploring some place new, a trip to the beach, or just lounging out by the pool. This year, I want to keep that tradition up, but maybe post more often than just once a week. No schedule, ('cause that is not very Lazy Days of Summer-like to me) ... just a post whenever I have a moment. I still have a bunch of photos to share of things we did during our final week of school. But tonight, I just want to post photos from our day. I'm so proud of these two. :)

You see, yesterday I bought the girlie a new bike. It was really time. She had outgrown the old bike by at least a year. And today we went out on our local rail trail for a 14 mile bike ride!

I am so proud of my two kiddos. They did it without complaint and with just a brief stop for a granola bar.

Looking forward to many more bike rides this summer!

The girlie is happy with her new ride.

Cool helmet. Right?

Somehow my kids clothes match their bikes. I swear I did not plan that!

Getting ready to head back.

This says SUMMER.

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