Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sniff, Sniff ...

Hard to believe but my little man is moving on to Middle School in September. Today was his last day of elementary school. It was weird when he entered the double digits in age last year and now it won't be long before I have a teen living in my home. Gasp! And ... for the first time ever, my kids will have two different bus pick-up times in September ... I thought our morning routine with one wake-up and one bus pick-up was difficult enough. September is going to be a big time for changes for all of us. But enough about that. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it and it's months away.

I need to just celebrate the here and the now. And so I leave you with a quick set of photos of his moving up ceremony yesterday.

Here he is getting his "diploma" or whatever you call it at this age. I honestly don't remember having one of these ceremonies when I left elementary school, but maybe because that was back in the Dark Ages.

And he won the President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and finished off the year with straight A's. Yes, yes I am ... A Happy Mama!

(And did you happen to notice his lovely attire. uh, huh... he wore that skull shirt for the Moving Up Ceremony. The dress attire was "Neat Casual" or something like that. We barely got out the door that morning and by the time I noticed what he was actually wearing, it was too late to change and I was too rushed to care. Only my son.)

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