Thursday, June 23, 2011

School's Out, Rains In ...

Usually on the last few days of school, (we have half days), the kids have friends over to swim or are going to someone else's pool party... but this year, our last week of school (and half days) was marked with lots of rain and cloudy weather. There was no pool fun this week. :(

So we went out for lunches, shopped the mall for teacher gifts, hit the craft stores, and browsed Barnes & Nobles for hours. (It is impossible to walk out of B&N without buying something ... right? I can't be the only one?) Anyway ... here are some of the goodies we acquired this week.

Books for Summer reading: Fantasy Adventures for the little guy and Mysteries and Girlie Girl for the little lady.

The little lady had to have this craft kit because she is all about the animals in her life. (I can hear our Shih Tzu groaning already.)

Embarassing, but yes, why yes I did. I did buy a new binder for the little lady for the next school year on the last day of the current school year. (Totally crazy.) But its from Justice and according to her that means she has to have it. Along with the smelly pens ... one wild cherry and the other bubble gum. I'm sure the smelly pens will be very conducive to learning. (Though I have to admit, its a pretty rockin' binder! The only thing the smelly pens rock is a headache.)

We picked out some mind puzzles and games from B&N ... I was hoping for more traditional style board games that we could play family style, but they couldn't seem to agree. Hopefully these will keep them somewhat busy after long days in the sun.

This little gem is from Target. And I'm not gonna divulge the amazing things we are going to do with it just yet. I can give you a hint and tell you it won't be used in the kitchen. You'll have to come back soon for a future blog post on this one. I promise it involves the following ... summer days, kids, crafty fun, outdoors! Sounds good doesn't it! ;)

And these sweet little candy caps were spied on We ... the little man, the little lady and I made these the other day for the little man's class on the last day of elementary school. I'll share the photos from this fun, kid-crafty moment with you another time. I don't think it was meant to be a kid craft, but my kids were master chefs in the kitchen with this project. They had a blast!

That's about it ... just wishing for some sunshiney days ....

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