Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sheep & Wool Festival

Sunday ... I spent the day with my mom, aunt and daughter at the Sheep & Wool Festival. Fun, Fun, FUN! This is only my second year attending this show. It was a beautiful sunny autumn day, but it was a bit chilly so browsing all the handmade scarves, mittens, sweaters and such was a pleasure.

I don't knit (yet....it is SO on my list of things to learn to do) and I'm sort of thankful I don't because I could not imagine how much I could have spent on all the gorgeous yarns available at this show. Everyone at the show is so amazingly talented, it was a treat to walk amongst all their wares.

My daughter enjoyed the animals ... every kind of sheep in the world seemed to make an appearance here. My favorite had to be the Icelandic sheep. And they all were within petting reach. One even stepped up onto his coral to pose, yes pose, for several cameras.

She even got to see the border collies and other sweet doggies do their tricks in the show arena ... catching frisbees and such. One of the pooches was the dog that does the appliance commercials with Kelly Ripka.

And we waited in the serious long line for the homemade chicken pot pie. This is so yummy and definitely beats the greasy carny foods. They sold pot pies to maybe 2 0 or so people after us and then, they called out "Sold Out, see you next year". I can't tell you how many sad faces I saw ... all those people that had waited on that long line, some just steps away from holding that warm stick- to-your-ribs kinda meal in their thankful little hands ... and for nothing. Seriously it could of been an episode out of Seinfeld with the Soup Natzi. She just announced it so matter of factly, with no warning....I mean didn't you know you were down to the last 'oh I don't know 10 pies' at some point? Couldn't you have given a little pre-warning? She sold that last stinkin' pot pie and then just yelled "Sold Out, see you next year". Just like that!? I may never forget those words....this was a seriously long line folks!

I scored some fabulous wool, some with gorgeous plant dies in the most lusciously soft colors. I wish I could give a shout out to the owners of the booth I purchased from, but my receipt has no name, there is no biz card nor business info on the wool labels. Next year I will make sure I pay more attention! Lesson learned though ... make sure you get your name on your wares!

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