Wednesday, October 22, 2008

*Promo* Goodie Bags for Silver Bella

So I had the chance to send in some promo goodie bags to Sadie Lou, owner of the Lollishops (which should be opening it's web doors very soon... it's a new online marketplace for creative, whimsical and fanciful artists ... more on that as it gets closer!) Sadie Lou will be attending the Silver Bella show and invited a bunch of Lollishop vendors to send in promo items that she would distribute during the show. I use the term *promo* lightly because I am so not a fan of promotional items ... not magnets, buttons, pens or other things that plaster your business name but don't really have anything to do with your business or who you are. So I put together a needle felted mini flower hair pin for "big girls" and a set of clips for "little girls". It was a lot of work and with all the wholesale orders I had, these last few weeks, it was a miracle I was even able to get these goodies bags done.

But here they are. Instead of traditional bag toppers, I made and sewed felt toppers to match my new logo designed by the lovely and talented Lisa Bacon. Check out her services here! I love the way the felt toppers came out, and of course I had to add a little felt posie to finish it off! Cute, no?

1 comment:

Sarra Eaton said...

I purchased a brooch from your Pretty In Paper shop last Christmas. I checked it out today to find another for this Christmas and found your new shop and fun blog. I love these goodies!


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