Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fotologue

During the summer, I am really good at taking a lot of photos. I think it's because we are outside so much & there is always something going on. When school starts up again, the days become much more routine, structured and burdened with homework and places to be. I definitely use my camera less. I do want to try and change that, even if in just small ways. I loved doing the Summer Friday Foto Frenzy series where I shared the little tidbits of our lives from the previous week; and I'd like to continue with that as perhaps a way of inspiring myself to pick up my camera (or iPhone) more regularly during the colder months of the year. So ... as often as I can (shooting for one or two Fridays per month), I bring you a new series ...

Friday Fotologue: a peek into my world as seen through my lens. Hope you enjoy.

(credits: Pink Paislee: Caught on Camera (tab, photo frames), Splendid Fiins: wishi washi- skies are grey, and Micheline martin: nature lover -camera)

Autumn is here and going fast. Enjoying every bit of it that we possibly can before winter weakens our spirit and has us running for the warmth of indoors.

The little dude is growing out of old activities and seeking new adventures that interest him.

Everyday moments ... little tidbits of our life.

Living for the weekends ... this one in particular was spent on the apple farm.

Hope you are enjoying your season where ever you are in the world.


Becky in Burma said...

I loved your Friday Fotologue! Your pics are lovely and I could really sense Autumn. (Which I desperately miss!) I hope this continues giving you the inspiration to take more photos during the cooler months. :)

Barbara said...

What beautiful photos. Friday Fotologue ... great idea!


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