Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Little Slip ... The Story Ends {on a happy note!}

So yesterday was the one year anniversary of my son's fall from a rope swing. That one little slip, left him pretty banged up (you can read last year's story here: http://prettyinposies.blogspot.com/2011/10/one-little-slip.html) ... 3 trips to the OR, 8 weeks of missing school, numerous x-rays & Dr. visits, a CT scan, radial nerve palsy, a dynamic splint, an arm brace, and 5 months of PT/OT ... and we can report that all is well!

I've finished documenting the big moments in this year long journey on this two-page digital layout. It matches the first two-page spread, with some new papers and elements thrown in from Pink Paislee and Dani Mogstad. (The first LO below is the one I did in Oct 2011.)

We had our last Dr. visit yesterday. While the Dr. sent us off with a clean bill of health, we presented the Dr. with a framed digital layout showing how far K has come & all the things he can do now, despite his injury.  The Dr. was thrilled was his recovery and pleased to receive this gift. He had his partner come in to take photos, and of course I snapped a few myself! 

Such a great ending! Here is the layout we did for the Dr.

The little "doctor" related elements were created by me, using clip art from the internet. They looked "finished" after popping them into Anna's adorable wood frames.

Anna Aspnes
FotoBlendz Album Template No 5D
ArtPlay Palette Socialize
ArtPlay Storm Solids
KardStock Neutrals No 1
Woodshop Frames No 1

So, yeah ... all is good again!

xoxo jenn

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