Thursday, March 18, 2010

Get Crafty with Kids

So this little gem of a blog appeared in my inbox this morning courtesy of Craft Magazine Daily:

Spring Wardrobe Update by Kristen Sutcliffe from New House Project
Kristin writes: I often find vintage embroidered handkerchiefs at estate sales and flea markets, but I don't have a good use for them. I decided to use one to transform one of Saya's plain tank tops for spring. Even if you are not a big sewer, you can do this project. I promise it is very quick and easy.

How cute is that tank top? I read the tutorial & it does look super easy! Now you have an excuse to peruse your local flea market or garage sales ... or ebay if things haven't warmed up in your neck of the woods.

The whole blog is dedicated to crafting with children. Reminds me of my early stay at home years with my kids. We lived in California where the weather was almost always beautiful and we spent many an afternoon out in the yard making endless works of art and mucking up our plastic PlaySkool (is that how you spell it?) picnic table. Had I had this little blog at my disposal back then, I would have been a happy mama. Not saying I wasn't a happy mama, but I did spend an enormous amount of time searching for kid friendly craft projects or trying out my own ideas (not all of them were a success let me tell ya!) Everything looks easy, fun and best of all ... for most of the projects, you can use ordinary household items and even do some recycling.

Here is another adorable project: Heart hand stamps by Khali from Little. Lovely.

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