Thursday, March 4, 2010

P365 weeks 7 and 8

So I was able to get 2 weeks worth of photos edited and into digital collages last night. I'll post them below.

And guess what, the sun is out! I think its been almost 2 weeks without it (except for a few peeks here and there.) It is a refreshing and much needed change ... wishing the sun does its magic and melts away most of our snow.

I hope you have a little sunshine in your day where ever you are!

Day 43 My studio is reorganized and clean.
Day 44 Taco Night ... one of Emma's favorites.
Day 45 Felted Cluster Hairpins ... getting packaged for Barcelona.
Day 46 Valentine's Day Goodies in adorable mailboxes.
Day 47 Emma gives Jack a bath.
Day 48 Jack enjoys some playtime in the snow.
Day 49 Starting a netflix subscription again.

Day 50 Keegan goes for his sleep study.
Day 51 Raspberry Trifle.
Day 52 Hockey game.
Day 53 Keegan teaches Emma how to play the recorder.
Day 54 Snow and wind ... blow over the old playhouse the kids have outgrown.
Day 55 Another day of snow.
Day 56 More snow ... no school ... long mornings in pajamas.

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