Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy DSD !!!

Are you enjoying digital scrapbooking day! The blog hops, the freebies, the contests, the sales ... there is so much going on in the land of digital scrapbooking this weekend.

As a member of Crystal Livesay's CT, I have been busy working with tons of her lovely templates. Some are brand new, some are freebies and some are from past iDSDs or NSDs that she has put up in her shop as $3 grab bags! Also there's this beautiful Breathless Template set for the Nov Co Stash at Pixel & Co for under $3!

Creashens | Wildflower, Torn Bits No 4, S'more Please, Wonderfall
Gennifer Bursett | Anchored
Celeste Knight | Sherbet Paper
Wishing Well Creations | New Beginnings
Katie Pertiet | Tidewater, Twisted Stitches No 2, Laced Edgers No 2, Doily Edgers No 1, Collageable Notions

This page was made with one of Cyrstal's templates from the new Grab Bag Collab with Sara Gleason: 

 Creashens | Head Over Heels, S'more Please, Hello, Krafternoon, Otterly
Katie Pertiet | Oiselet Bleu, Simple classic Travelers Kit, Web Inspiration 070410, Cardstock Tabs, Wooden Arrows, Home and Garden, From my Bookshelf Blendable
Rachel Scraps | Pearl Button. Pastel Vintage Button

This page was made with one of Sara's templates, also from the new Grab Bag Collab:  

Sara Gleason | Olive Tree Kit

This page is made with the Piccadilly template (totally free & part of a huge collab freebie from the deisgners at Pixel & Co, go here to snag it!) 

Crystal Livesay | Piccadilly Template
Creashens | S'more Please, Simply Swell, Fling, Wonderfall, Krafternoon, Otterly, Torn Bits 4
Mye De Leon & Gennifer Bursett | A New Beginning (stitches)

Crystal Livesay | iNSD 2012 Grab Bag (collab with Sara Gleason)
Creashens | Hello, Kraternoon, S'more Please, Just Go With It

Mye De Leon & Gennifer Bursett | A New Beginning
Pixel & Co Collab | More Or Less
Gennifer Bursett | More Cowbell
Creashens | Hello, Fling, Head Over Heels
Anita Designs | Ordinary Moments
Sabrina Creations | Photogenic
Wishing Well Creations, Gennifer Bursett, Dawn By Designs | Photobomb Collab

Enjoy DSD 2013! Thanks for looking.

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