Friday, November 22, 2013

Digital pages with templates

Happy Friday! I am so glad it is Friday. It seems like this was the longest week. The recent ending of Daylight Savings, with the darker & shorter days is starting to take its toll on me. I'm no adjusting easily. My least favorite part of the week days has been simply getting out of bed, It's cold and dark, and I find myself hitting snooze more than usual. Not good when you have two kids to wake up and get off to school on time. We are really looking forward to Thanksgiving recess.

My big project this week has been trying to get organized with my Gallery Wall. I took it down over two years ago, to have our home painted ... and well, it never went back up. I wanted to switch out some photos and relocate it ... and so it kind of went on the back burner of my To Do List.

This layout, with Crystal Livesay's newest template release (collab with Little Green Frog Designs) Starlight Star Bright, shows a peek into what's going on with that Gallery Wall Project.

One Little Bird | Memory Collector
Karah Fredricks | Capturing Fall
HGD by Laurie Ann | Capturing Fall
HGD by Laurie Ann | Just Because
Allison Pennington | Capturing Fall
Amy Wolff | Capturing Fall
Just Jamiee | Owl Family Word Mix 
Kaye Winiecki | Capturing Fall

And the second layout with Crystal's templates is this page about my son's new sport: Crew. 

One Little Bird | Trailblazer
One Little Bird |  Memory Collector
Amy Martin | Blanc Stitches 
Paislee Press | Outdoorsy Elements
Karla Dudley | A Lifetime Elements

That's it for me for this week. Enjoy your weekend & thanks for looking! 

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