Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Teacher Summer Themed Gift Can

Don't know where the time has gone. I meant to post these photos a few weeks ago, but somehow forgot in the hustle and bustle of the end of the school year.

I wanted to make something creative and cute for my daughter's teacher for the year end gift from the class. All the parents chip in to get a gift card, but I thought it would be extra special to present it something other than just a card, tin or mini gift bag ... so taking Laurie's lead as seen here at, I created this faux "paint can" to present the gift cards.

I found the plastic, light weight "paint can" at Hobby Lobby. Wrapped it with pretty summer inspired paper.

Added similarly colored embellishments with a summer theme on the lid and front. Tied some pretty matching ribbons along the handle.

Then I stuffed it with goodies: Crystal Light Lemonade & Iced Tea mix, citronella candle, bookmark, candies (that just happened to match the papers and color of the summer theme: orange, blue and green), a summer flip flop box, and of course the gift cards.

Then topped it with crimped paper filler in matching colors. Cute as can be.

Had my printer been cooperating, I would have printed out some digital papers and used Kari Holt's awesome Gotcha Covered: Paint Can Template, but my printer has been acting up lately so I had to do it the hard way.


s. said...

i am a teacher and would have loved that little gift! so clever and FUN! :)

Anonymous said...
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