Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Scrapbooking Kickoff ... joining Challenges | update 1

So last week, I mentioned the Month of Challenges over at The Lilypad.

Here's the Blog Post. And here's a little excerpt from that post (with the links & some details):

I think the mother of all challenges right now is The Lilypad's Month Of Challenges. Each day in January, there is a new challenge posted. If you complete the challenges (all challenges are due Feb 2, so you do not have to have them completed the day they are posted) you earn $20 credit to the TLP store. Plus you'll have 31 pages done once Feb rolls around! Pretty cool. GO HERE to see the challenge information.

I'm happy to report I'm caught up ... through Day 12. That's almost half-way! 

Day 7 | Word Art as Title

'Tis The Season

Gina Miller | Snippies V1: Winter Wishes
Valorie Wibbens | Project Care, Capturing Fall
Little Butterfly Wings | Black & White JC Add on
Paislee Press | Capturing Fall
Laurie Ann HGD | Stardust Basics
Allison Pennington | Destination Adventure
Kaye Winiecki | H is for Happy
Jacque Larsen | Very Merry

Day 8 | Watercolor Technique

Simple Life

Pink Reptile Designs & Lynn Marie | BohoBliss Collab
Pink Reptile Designs | Lucky in Love, I Believe in Miracles, Capturing Fall, Simple Things, True to Yourself
Rachel Young | Love You Good, Capturing Fall, Love and Grace
*Watercolor Brush Set 2 by Fudge Graphics

Day 9 | Do-Over  (re-do an old layout)

Sweet Girl

Pink Reptile Designs & Lynn Marie | Boho Bliss Collab
Pink Reptile Designs | I Believe in Miracles, Lucky in Love
Amy Wolff | Destination Adventure
Allison Pennington | Capturing Fall, Our Life

Day 10 | Word of the Year ( One Little Word, #OLW )

One Little Word 2014 | Present

Just Jaimee | Dec StoryTeller, iNSD Doodleborder
One Little Bird | Going Places, Memory Collector
Valorie Wibbens | Sunkissed

Day 11 | Simple Template

MOC Day 11 | Simple Template
 Valorie Wibbens | Sprinkles V17 & V14, Legacy 
Valorie Wibbens & Karla Dudley | The Good Stuff Collab 
Valorie Wibbens &  Jenn Barrett | SunKissed Collab 
One Little Bird | Rise & Shine 
Racheal Young | Where Love is Solids, Love You Good Solids 
Pink Reptile Design & RIver Rose | Scraparazzi Collab 
Pink Reptile Designs | I Believe in Miracles 
Valorie Wibbens | Topography MOC Freebie Template

Day 12 | Combine 2 Templates

The Fedora

Pink Reptile Designs & River Rose | Scraparazzi Collab
Amy Martin | MOC 2014 Challenge Freebie
I'm thrilled that I have 12 layouts done already for the year! Are you participating? If so, leave me a comment ... I'd love to go see your pages too! 

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