Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Days Of Gratitude ... November 1 through 7

This year,

- as October turns to November,
- as people all along the East Coast are suffering the aftermath of Sandy,
- as I watch on the news all the lovely, memorable places I frequented, not only as a kid, but continue to frequent as an adult with my own children, lie in ruins
- as I look at the devastation in the shore communities that I lived in year after year, before settling down and getting married, even though the commute into the city was crazy long ... but the beach life made it worth it,

I felt it so necessary to participate in 30 Days of Gratitude.

I have so much to be grateful for. This is just a small glimpse of what I am thankful for ... one week at a time.

Sometimes I wake up and know before feet hit the floor what I am grateful for that day ... other days, it comes to me in small ways, but with big impact, in the later hours of the day.

My 30 Days of Gratitude are things that knock me over ... be it small or large ... powerful and emotional and beautiful things ... or simply little bits and pieces of life that make living grand. Things I want to remember and be mindful of, not just in this month of Gratitude, but always.

I'm doing my 30 days of Gratitude Project Life style. 


This week I am Thankful for this:

November 1: I am grateful for my vacuum cleaner today. I normally do not look forward to cleaning, but today ... after Sandy has hit so many, so hard, I am grateful to have a home to clean and electricity to plug that cord into.

November 2: For a kind, generous daughter, who offers to kiss my hand, mostly to make me laugh, when I burn myself while cooking.

November 3: I am grateful for gas today. Due to Hurricane Sandy, many gas stations were not replenished. People from Long Island and south of us were coming north looking for gas, as their stations were either empty, had 4  hour long lines (or more), or had no power to be able to operate the pumps. We had a few stations out of gas and a few police watching over things, but mostly it was easy enough to get our gas tank filled. So Very Thankful. 

November 4: I am grateful to be with my family, finally celebrating my girl's birthday at The Melting Pot, a restaurant that she has been dying to go to for a long, long time. A perfect way to end the weekend.

November 5: I am grateful to have so many creative outlets that make my heart sing. Creating is my passion, and I am constantly learning, trying new things. It is so me! And I am so thankful to be able to do it everyday!

November 6: I am grateful that we are teaching our children, by leading through example, that is important to exercise one's right to vote.

Novemeber 7: One week Sandy, the next, Athena, a Nor'easter ... the North East is certainly taking a beating from Mother Nature. I am grateful to have a safe home and warm hot cocoa for my kids when they come home from school in the snow.

Here are my Project Life pages up close. 

Product Credits: 

Becky Higgins
Project Life Digital Templates
Clementine Extra Papers
Clementine Journal Cards
Clementine Numbers, Days, & Arrows
Cobalt Extra Elements
Cobalt Horizontal Journal Cards
Cobalt Paper

Dani Mogstad 
Birds of a Feather Kit
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CZ Designs
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Juliana Kneipp
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Lovely Doily Stamps No.2 
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With Gratitude Brushes

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Janine Whitling said...

i love the scrapbooking presentation of your 30 days of gratitude. very cool. thanks for sharing.


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