Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Goals and Organizing

The 1st month of the new year is almost behind us and I've been busy organizing and setting goals, both in my personal life and my business life. I've spent the month scouring the web for free downloads to help with my organizational needs and have put together 2 binders that I hope keep me on track for the  year.

Here are links to some of the free printables I used in my binders for both home/family life and business:

Printables Your Way

Get Buttoned Up

Grocery List Printable

The Peaceful Mom

Polaroid Frame by Splendid Fiins found HERE.

One of those sites, linked above, has a video showing how she organizes her binder. It was way too involved for me. I really just wanted a central place to keep everything for important family matters. I do have some detailed grocery list sheets and menu planners in there that I can pull out when I need them. Usually I just use my iPhone Calendar for our family schedule & the Note app for smaller grocery lists. But when I need to do a huge grocery shopping event, I do pull out that printable grocery list. My business binder is the more detailed one that I find myself using every week to stay on top of my to do list and projects. When you work from home, time management is key. But all in all, I now have a place to keep track of internet passwords for myself and the kids, a place for my business schedule, all my To- Do lists & home projects and can see my business goals at a glimpse. It has helped. Big Time.

With January being the big planning/organizing month for me, Febuary is usually the big DOING month that follows all that list making. I know I have lots of closets, drawers and a home studio that need a good cleaning. We'll see how that pans out! Is it spring yet?

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