Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Things for School Lunches

One of my goals for the school year was to get my kids off sugary peanut butters and jellies. Done right, the classic PB&J sandwich can be a totally healthy lunch packed with good fiber, grains and much needed protein. Doing it right means choosing a natural peanut butter that contains only peanuts (ok...a little salt too) and picking a jelly or jam with no added sugars or artificial sweetners. Such fruit spreads are really sweet enough as is. Put those two ingredients together between slices of whole grain bread made with all natural ingredients and your kids have a healthy little sandwich. My kids actually like the natural peanut butter better and proud that they are choosing a healthier lunch. We stress variety in our weekly meals, so PB& Js are only allowed once or twice a week. I save them for the days I run out of deli meat!

We also use lunch wrappers that can be cleaned and reused each day, rather than wasting plastic baggies that end up in the garbage dumps.

You have to admit these little wraps are so much cuter than ziplocs! Yay for Good Things!

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