Monday, February 9, 2009

Markdowns on Etsy and on my Website

hey there! for the first time in over a month, i can actually see the grass on the ground. not all the snow is melted, but if stays warm like this (meaning above 32 degrees =), all the snow may very well melt soon enough. i'm sure there's more snow and freezing cold temperatures in the future. it's only early febuary afterall. but for the meantime, i want to just relish in this feast of warm 40-degree, balmy weather.

the sight of the grass and the melting of the snow has me in a SALE kind of mood. as i begin working on some new designs this week, join my in my etsy shop or for a Clearing out the Old Sale.

also tune in on Wednesday when I'll be announcing a giveaway. i promise, you won't want to miss it! (hint, think yellow, sunshine and spring!)

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